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Offbeat Featured Client Skinny Malinky…

…yes yes I know, you’re utterly shocked that here I am doing some work again and it’s less than a week since my last blog…I used to use the excuse that it took me so long to climb the stairs to Offbeat but the other day the Bossman met me at the summit and commented that I’m getting faster and that I didn’t appear to need the oxygen mask anymore- could it be there’s less of me to love these days? Surely not, no, especially after the cheese on toast midnight munchies extravaganza last night…I really don’t know why but fat just loves me…but hey it’s ok, I ate it in “guilty kitchen stance” in the dark standing over the counter with the fridge door open for a quick getaway…and we all know those calories don’t count…

So who do I have for you here? My favourite Scottish rapper Skinny James Malinky and I gotta tell you he is hilarious, talk about tongue in cheek…you know what, I’ve seen this guy rap and he hardly ever swears and he doesn’t hike the dinglie danglie bits up every five seconds either- how very refreshing 🙂 You know what else I discovered? He is a really nice guy too (and listen lads, “nice” is NOT the kiss of death to us ladies) check out the secrets he shared with me about embarassing gifts and his picture choice…

Find Skinz Youtube Channel This link will play Skinny’s music video for Stuck In Pause featuring EMCEE DUFSTA who does swear but I forgive him coz he’s really good too 🙂

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What’s it like to work with Iain McKinna, the Bossman in the Offbeat studio?

It sucks and I want my money back! haha, No really though every track I have recorded with Iain’s turned out brilliant! I come into the studio, (I’m always a standard 15min late for some weird reason ), I tell him the concept and he always seems to be able to grasp exactly what I want done instantly! Not to mention obviously the recording quality is second to nowhere else I have recorded in Edinburgh before! There is only one problem if I am honest….I don’t want to work with anybody else now! haha 😀

Yeah, he’s a genius but we don’t tell him that coz you know, big heads don’t fit in the room…Do you have musicians who you admire? What’s on your playlist at the mo?

Of course I do Jen! where to start… ok.. off the top of my head, I admire aaaaand have everyone of these Artists on my playlist – Tupac, Biggie, Wutang clan, Afu Ra, The Arsonists, Redman, Dr Dre, Slim Shady, Chester P, Wax and Herbal T, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jimi Hendrix, and Ed Sheeran.   

That’s a seriously cool mix- my fantasy pairings outta that lot would be Frank and Jimi and Dean and Dr Dre…What’s the story behind your name?

Skinny Malinky was what I used to get called by my grandfather as a kid, he used to sing Skiiinnnyy mallllliinnkky loooonnnggg leeegggs biiiigg bannnnnaaanna feeeeeeeeet…. ah you know the rest lol

Yep, been singing it to my 3 year old since you came on board, you have a fan there 😉 What about irritating and favourite ads?

 ok.. Irritating ads – any accident claim ad, Specksavers Ads, Grrrr Favourite ads – Cooompaaaare theMEEERRRRRKAAAT dot com 😉 Love it! And Mr T Snickers ads haha  

Oh definitely, Mr T is a total legend 🙂  Most hated household chores?

In this day and age everyone should have a dishwasher right (I mean an electric one not a human btw) BUT I DONT! so yeh.. can you tell what chore I hate :-/    

What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?


Has anyone ever bought you an embarrassing present and how did you react?

hmmm nobody has ever bought me an embarrassing present tbh.. but when I was going out with my 1st ever girlfriend… (can’t believe I’m telling you this Jen) I bought her an Electric blanket for….. wait for it……Valentine’s day… omg how naive was I…*cough*…well saying we weren’t together all too long after that (ladies don’t judge though! I swear my present buying skills have improved)  

Awww!! So very very cute tho 😉  If you were on a desert island with electricity and you could take 4 DVD’s what would they be?

1, A “how to survive on a dessert island” DVD (for obvious reasons)

2, Frankie Boyle Live (to keep up the morale)

3, Dexter season 1… Disk 1..

4, Annnnnd… hmmm Luscious Lisa and her long legs (for the long nights lol)  

A very sensible mix, ahem! If you could only have one picture on the wall where you live, what would it be if it couldn’t be a picture of your family?

Here’s the picture it would be 🙂     

Is there a moment in your life that defined you as a musician?

My Birth 😀

What’s the most impressive thing you’ve seen with your own eyes?

A Car Spin off the motorway in front of me, then flip and roll down an embankment! (yes I did stop, and the two dudes in the car walked away with minor injuries)  

Blimey… If you were in a séance, which musician who’s passed over would you most want to talk to and what would you ask them?

Big L, and I would ask him if Tupac’s really dead or if he’s hiding in Cuba :-p   

In your fantasy flat rent, who would be the other 3 flatmates you would share with?

 1,Jamie Oliver – Obvious reasons, the man has too much of a food fetish to let anyone go hungry!

2,Peter Kay – Gaaaaaaaaarrrrliiiic brreeeaaad – Pure comedy leg-end

3,Kim Kardashian… Im sure.. she’d… em…em… be good at cleaning? 

Yes she looks like the kind of girl who knows how to…um, yes well…In a zombie attack, what’s your plan of escape?

Do you know something I don’t have one JEN!!! Nooooo Its ok… my years of Ninja training will come in handy finally 😀  

Who would you most want to be for a day if you could be anybody in history?

Bruce Lee  

Are we back to the zombies?! If you had a time machine, where and when would you go for a vacation?

The 70‘s looked cool, so yeh, 1970 – The Isle of Wight Festival 😀     

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

An Actor strangely, me and my brother got a hold of “Blues Brothers” from my dads “tape” collection when he was sleeping one Sunday, I was 7, he was 5, we thought we were Jake and Elwood for many years afterwards 🙂

Read more about Skinz on the Bossman’s blog.

Well there you go, Rapper/Blues Brother/All round slightly naughty cutiepie Skinz (Luscious Lisa??) giving us girlies the gigglies at Offbeat…I wonder if Kim Kardashian knows what to do with a feather duster?

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