The Case of The Heritage Detectives and Edinburgh’s Grisly Past…

When the Bossman said we had a bunch of teenagers coming in to create sound effects for a play, I had no idea they would be so passionate and well informed about Edinburgh’s history…well I thought I could tell some stories until I met the Heritage Detectives this summer…sheesh…we had pretty much a full house when they trooped up the stairs to the Offbeat Studio with Maggie Aitken from DaisyChainAssociates…my god, could they spin some grisly yarns about Edinburgh’s murky past, wow…


The Heritage Detectives are a group of Edinburgh’s young people who have been exploring their own heritage, supported by Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, Circle Scotland and DaisyChainAssociates- funded by HLF young Roots.

Have a listen to this interview with Maggie where she explains a bit about what they got up to…

Their play “The Amazing Mis-Adventures Of Bondi Brenda and the Heritage Detectives” with all the Offbeat sound effects to back them up was performed at Edinburgh’s Doors open Day, City Art’s Centre and Scottish Parliament. Go and check out People Making Waves and get inspired!

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