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Gavin Blackie’s Interview with Offbeat Records ;-)

Boy are we “Gonna Get It On Tonight”- Gav’s at the Edinburgh Playhouse tonight performing his latest single (which gives me every reason to get innuendotastic) kicking off this year’s Edinburgh’s Got Talent and getting EVERYBODY in the mood…mmm, ready for some Friday night fun??

So just to get you all warmed up, here’s a link to Gav’s interview on YouTube…yes, that’s me inteviewing him, the one who’s having a bad hair day…maybe one day I’ll let you see the outtakes, but for right now, I’m not going to go that far, I mean what kinda girl do you take me for?

We had such a giggle taking about power rangers…

For more on Gav and to buy his songs go to

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Gavin Blackie’s New Single Out TODAY!

…yes, Yes…Oh YesYESOhGodOHGOD, OH YEAH BABY,OHHHHGOD!! Gavin Blackie’s single “Get It On Tonight” is officially released through Offbeat Records TODAY on iTunes…listen babe, that was the real thing too, no “When Harry Met Sally” Meg Ryan faking it here, nooooo no no…passion for music at the Offbeat Studios is RED HOT…rrrrr 😉

I know, you missed me right?! It’s ok, I’m back from outta space now, there’s gonna be plenty of chat from me from now on…yes, I’m totally committed to giving it to you regularly again…probably…maybe…oh let’s just take it one day at a time ok? Jeez…

And just so you know, this single is a collaboration between Gav and our very own Bossman, Iain McKinna…I gotta say, the boys done good, I lurve this one, know what I mean?!

So Ravishing Gav 🙂 has been invited to perform this single on Friday night at Edinburgh’s Got Talent at the Playhouse in Edinburgh (coz he was last year’s winner) but you wanna hear it first, don’cha? I mean we all try before we buy these days right?? Of course you do, stick with me, I’ll deliver the goods every time 😉

Look at him…he’s such a delicious delight and it just so happens he’s an absolute poppet to work with 😉 Sigh…

And remember people, just because she’s not in the cast of the Disney Tinkerbell movies, doesn’t mean the “O” fairy doesn’t exist…may she sprinkle her magic fairy O dust generously wherever you may be…think happy thoughts and failing that my lovelies, get out the happy tools and have some fun 🙂

Now where were we big boy? Oh yeeesss…you were making us a cuppa and I was folding the socks…

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